About Life & Learning

Life & Learning @ Ludlow is the name of our adult learning programme which seeks to broaden understanding and initiate debate on theology, social issues and the arts.

The programme offers a range of opportunities for study and learning. It is intended to stimulate the interest of people of faith who want to reflect deeply on how their faith impacts on their engagement with the world around them, and also appeal to those with no strong faith commitment who are interested in exploring the Christian perspective on contemporary issues.

Arranged by the Parish Church of St Laurence, Ludlow, (a member of Churches Together Around Ludlow) the events are open to all people from the town and beyond, regardless of religious affiliation.

Highlights of the 2017/18 programme

The 2017/18 programme included several lectures marking the 500th anniversary of the European Reformation and comprised:

  • a lecture entitled ‘The Case for a New Reformation' given by the Rt Revd Dr John Saxbee
  • a study day exploring visual culture in the age of Reformation entitled ‘The Glorious Theatre of God's Works' led by the Revd Iain Lane
  • a study day entitled ‘The Gospel of Mark: Jesus revealed as Messiah and Son of God' led by the Revd Canon Dr Dennis Stamps
  • a lecture to mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day entitled ‘The Holocaust and Human Nature' given by the Revd Dr Chris Moore
  • a lecture entitled ‘Separate Tables? Divergence and Convergence in Worship 1517 - 2017' given by the Revd Canon Chris Walsh
  • a lecture entitled ‘Technology, Reformation, and the future of the Church' given by the Revd Dr Dan Inman
  • a series of lectures looking at the lives and times of the Bishops and Deans of Hereford 1550 - 1950 entitled ‘Hereford's Rogues Gallery' given by the Very Revd Michael Tavinor

To register for the 2018/19 programme

Planning for the next programme, which will begin in autumn 2018, is in hand. To receive a copy of the 2018/19 programme once it has been finalised, please get in touch with the enquiry point below.


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