This Week's Notices

To download the sermon preached at Kelvin's Licensing by the bishop of Hereford, click here.

28 May 2017, 7th Sunday of Easter

Please note that the parish office is not open this week.

St Laurence’s Arts Festival

Our Arts Festival is imminent (it starts on10 June) and we need to get the word out to as many people as possible. We have a lot of ‘3 Weeks in Ludlow’ brochures and need help – the town has been delivered to but we need to keep places around town topped up and, if you are travelling anywhere that has an arts centre or somewhere you could leave brochures, we would be very grateful if you would take some and sign the sheet at the back of church so we know where they have gone to.

Thy Kingdom Come

For ten days between Ascension Day and Pentecost (25 May 25 – 4 June) there will be three 'drop-in' prayer stations in St Laurence's.  These are connected with a National Prayer Initiative called 'Thy Kingdom Come' and will provide aids to prayer for our local area, our church and the nation. Anyone may use one or more of them whenever the church is open.

Quiet Garden at Walford Grange

Usual Friday opening, 2 June 10am-3pm.  Contact Carole Dixon on 01547 540683, There will also be a Quiet Day on 10 June 10am-3pm, led by Rev’d Elaine Goddard.  Contact Carole (as above), Helen Blyth 875041 or Pat Helm 877683

Donations for flowers in church are always gratefully received – dedication forms can be picked up by the pigeon holes at the back of church.  Please put your donation, along with this form, into an envelope marked ‘flowers’ or ‘pew sheet’ and post it into the donations box. (Please be aware that donations will take a week to go through the system so should be made at least a week in advance.)

Organ Recital teas

We are looking for volunteers to help with the teas after organ recitals. It is really important to offer this hospitality to tourists and pilgrims, and it raises around £100 each time.  Anyone who is able to help please contact Carole Perrett 01584 879406

Contemplation Group at 6 The Snicketts, Portcullis Lane

11am Wednesdays. Details from Helen Blyth 875041 or Pat Helm 877683

The St John's Church 'Songs of Praise' service scheduled for Sunday 4 June is being postponed until Sunday 25h June (4pm) because of other events on the 4th.

Conservation Trust Annual Meeting & Celebration Choral Evensong

4 June 2017: 2:00pm St Laurence Church.  Annual Meeting followed by tea & cake. All Welcome. At 3:30pm there will be a special Choral Evensong sung by St Laurence’s choir to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Conservation Trust.

A new social outreach initiative

In response to suggestions, it has been agreed to offer a tea party to people who have little or no opportunity for social gatherings.  Help is needed to move, set and wait at tables, as well as coffee pots, tea pots and all sizes of cakes. If anyone can help in any way please contact Sue Jones – 01584 874747;

Church cleaning dates

The next ones will be on Monday, 5 June 8.45–10.30am and Monday, 26 June 8.45–10.30am;  there is a sign-up form on the Stewards’ Notice Board.  Thank you to all of you that help.

The Paved Garden

The top winner at Chelsea was a grower of 'communities of wild flowers among stones'. Our species list in the paved garden closely resembled his list and the special daisy (Mexican fleabane or erigeron karvinskianus), currently flowering in real abundance, was mentioned as one of the best plants of the whole show.

This Week's Diary

Sat 27 May 2017

9am Church cleaning

10am Church Wardens and Volunteers' coffee morning

10am Organ rehearsal/preparation

1pm Organ rehearsal and recital - Peter Dyke

2:15pm Church Tour

Sun 28 May 2017

8am Holy Communion

9:30am Parish Eucharist

11:30am Matins - said

Mon 29 May 2017

8am Morning Prayer

10am Organ Practice

4:30pm Evening Prayer

7:30pm Bells Practice

Tue 30 May 2017

8am Holy Communion

4:30pm Evening Prayer

6:15pm Handbells

Wed 31 May 2017

12pm Holy Communion

6:30pm Rehearsal for Hereford Cathedral Pentecost Service

Thu 1 Jun 2017

8am Morning Prayer

11am Tour - MacCutchan Dining Club Group

4:30pm Evening Prayer

5pm Choir Practice

Fri 2 Jun 2017

8am Holy Communion

9:45am Toddlers' group

11:15am Toddler group clear up

2pm Thanksgiving Peter Martin RIP

5:30pm Compline

7pm General Election Hustings

Sat 3 Jun 2017

2:15pm Church Tour

Sun 4 Jun 2017

8am Holy Communion

9:30am Parish Eucharist

2pm Conservation Trust Annual Meeting

3:30pm Choral Evensong



Spring is a time of new beginnings - little lambs are born and gambol around the fields, snowdrops and daffodils poke their heads through the soil, and there is a promise of warm, sunny days ahead. New life makes us feel positive; we turn away from the grey winter days and we look forward towards the future, perhaps a different future to the one we've planned.

Too often people see Christianity as old fashioned, boring, even a bit embarrassing ... until things go wrong and they are struggling for something to support them, to hold on to, something to believe in.

Pilgrim is a course for people who are exploring the Christian faith - it isn't about persuasion but about thought and discussion. Come along and join us, search and find the answers.

For further information please contact as follows: 
John Perry on 01584 873755
or phone St Laurence's office on 01584 872073 and leave a message