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Week beginning 31 May 2020

Update from Michael Oakley - This week we have the great feast day of Pentecost. The Apostles found themselves in a kind of ‘lockdown' in Jerusalem, afraid of what the future might bring, and of going out, in case they were attacked as Christians. It rather feels like things haven't changed a great deal! We're still in ‘lockdown' ourselves, apprehensive of what is going to happen, and generally concerned for our friends and families.

Over these past few weeks Kate and I have been busy with our terrace garden. For many years this had been treated as a dump, so we had to clear vast amounts of rubbish out before we could begin to return it to being a garden once more. Though hard work, it has been a real delight to see a lovely garden returning to life. Hopefully our lives can be the same, emerging from this challenging time with a restored sense of direction and purpose.

Just as the Apostles made the next step forward, inspired by the presence of the risen Lord, let us hope to be equally inspired to broaden and deepen our own faith by thought and contemplation of the things that are important.

There will also be a video update from Michael Oakley from St Laurence's which will be available on our website, under the ‘Sunday Services' section:

Services for this Sunday
- online a Thy Kingdom Come event at 3pm (see Sunday Services page of the church website for links to Facebook feed and Youtube channel
- on TV BBC One's Sunday Worship at 11am from Hereford cathedral led by Bishop Richard
- Weekly message from the bishop, from Dore

And don't forget Andrew Body's sermon for Pentecost Sunday on the Sunday Services page of the church website

Thy Kingdom Come - ends Sunday 31st. Click here for the newsletter explaining the options for this year's unusual circumstances.

Prayer over the phone - The numbers to call are John Burley on 01584 873155 or Melia Cope on 01584 873467. Judy Hamer (coordinator).

Daily Hope Phone In Service - The Church of England has launched a daily phone-in service called Daily Hope. Tel 0800 804 8044

Future proofing St Laurence's - Where there is a will there is a way !
Have you made a commitment to the future of St Laurence's in your Will? Almost all the greater churches, abbeys, minsters and cathedrals have a number of golden donors who provide a "living legacy" by giving to reduce their tax burden each year While that is for the few congregations are asked to underpin that giving by leaving a sum in their Will.

St Laurence's does not have any golden donors to support us. However you could leave us a legacy in your will to maintain the mission work we do in Ludlow and give us funds to maintain and preserve the wonderful fabric of the church. We have had several legacies in the past 2 years which have been most timely and needed. There are PCC guidelines on donations in place that will ensure your legacy is used appropriately for the benefit of the church and congregation. Legacy leaflets are available in the office. Please contact Kelvin or Peter if you want to explore how your legacy can be best used.

Light the Tower - Remember a loved one, for someone who has helped you or just do it to brighten up the town. Cost £30.00. The Tower will be lit up from dusk 8.45pm approx to 11pm. Email Nicky via the office with your request and a preferred date. We had our first lighting two weeks ago and have another booked in for June marking a very special wedding anniversary.

Payments to St Laurence's - For any payment to St Laurence's at any time: Payment by cheque playable to "Ludlow PCC " or by BACS CAF BANK, Sort 405240 Acc 00016766

Don't forget if you are a UK tax payer you can gift aid any payment. 

Christian Aid - I have now forwarded cheques to the value of £450.00 following the cheque donations I have received over the past 3 weeks. Thank you to these generous people, and to those who made donations online. We look forward to the retiring collection at church, when we return, so this will be an opportunity for others to give. Looking forward to seeing everyone again. Claire

Pulling Together Ludlow -  If you need help, please call 01584 817 250.  Click here for the most recent newsletter.

Food Bank Donations - Donation points - Rockspring (11am-1pm MondayFriday), Tesco, Applegreen garage and both One Stop shops. Money donations - BACS (Sort code 40-30-30, Acc Nor 41276387); cheques (made out to Ludlow Baptist Church with "Food parcels" on the back) sent to: The Treasurer, Ludlow Baptist Church, Sandford Road, Ludlow SY8 1SX. Thank you.

Supporting local businesses - Click here for the latest list of businesses operating.

Music Notes by Michael Oakley Music Director -for Pentecost Sunday.

I've always liked the great feast of Pentecost. I think it is partly because you tend to feel ‘swept along' by the mystery and energy of God. At this moment in our disrupted lives, I suppose there is something of a parallel with those Apostles, locked away in the upper room, in their own version of ‘ lockdown', wondering what on earth is going to happen next! They must have been fearful of their future, whether or not it would be wise to even step outside, let alone declare yourself to be a Christian. So it is that Pentecost offers a sense of reassurance, with a feeling of confidence to move life forward. One of my favourite pieces of liturgical music across the year is the glorious plainchant of the 9th century Pentecost hymn ‘Veni Creator Spiritus' (Come creator spirit'). The melodic line is one of the loveliest in all chant, rising and falling in an effortlessly beautiful manner. Plainsong, being unmetered (no bar lines or specific note lengths) can at worst be very mechanical. But this is music which is not only alive, but can be playful, twisting and turning to create attractive lines.

Here is a You Tube link to the plainsong

Note how the verses alternate between a solo voice and the full group. This recording is sung by monks, rather well. The ends of each phrase ebb away very subtly to produce a pleasing effect.

Not surprisingly many composers have been inspired by this timeless chant. One such set of ‘Variations' on the plainsong theme is by French composer Maurice Durufle. Each variation uses the tune of the chant, though in a magically inventive way, culminating in the final 'Toccata'. At Worth Abbey we would intersperse the sung chant verses between the sections of organ music, to thrilling effect. Perhaps next year in St Laurence's?
You Tube link for Durufle ‘Chorale Variations' on 'Veni Creator Spiritus'
This recording is on the fabulous organ of Ulm Cathedral in Germany. My previous choir sang Mass in the Cathedral on one of our choir tours, followed by an ascent of the Cathedral Spire, which dates from the late 14th century, and will remain as the tallest church in the world until the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is completed!

There's a wonderful book called ‘The Old Cheque-Book or Book of Remembrance of the Chapel Royal'. This volume provides information on composers and musicians involved in the Chapel Royal between 1561 and 1744. The Chapel Royal is the establishment in the Royal Household which serves the spiritual needs of the sovereign and royal family, being essentially a body of clergy and musicians. Along with great musicians such as Byrd, Gibbons, Tomkins and Purcell, who offer a vision of consummate musicians in their element, there are also references to less happy situations. This is not so surprising, as any group of people will have their tensions and eruptions of emotion at times! I the 'Cheque-Book' one such example can be found in the entry for September 1620, when the case of one singing man, Henry Eveseed, is brought before the Dean of the Chapel Royal. It seems that Eveseed had, over a period of time, upset a good many of his fellow musicians by his bad behaviour...'in such sort that it is not tolerable that he shoulde remaine longer to be endured'! We learn of his ‘mad drounkennes' and how he fell into a window ‘where he tare his fleshe', and where he arrived back one night, drunk again ‘and vomited in a dishe of wattage which Mr Harrison and others were eatinge of'. Oh dear... poor Henry. By March 3rd we learn that because ‘no hoe of reformation was found in him' then did the Chapter pronounce his place ‘utterly voyd, and the same to be enjoyed by some other'. Such goings on... such scandal.

But what of our own musicians? Our next organist is Marmaduke Pardoe, who was appointed ‘in place of B. Cosyns' in May 1623 there must have been much hope and expectation that his appointment would be a good one. Sadly this was not the case, for after only three years in post, he was finally dismissed in August 1626 for misbehaviour. The Town Minutes ordered ‘that Marmaduke Pardoe Clarke, for his too often company keeping in drinkinge & for other misdemeanours, shall be forthwith removed from his place'. This is quite a severe and absolute step...or so you might think! MP was not of a mind to give up his post that easily, and possibly absconded with the key! The churchwardens were obliged to pay four pence to Richard Lewes, a local locksmith, ‘For a Kaye to the organs upon Pardoes going away', and another craftsman was paid sixpence ‘for stoping the ways to the organs'.
One final reference to Marmaduke exists, as his daughter, Mary, was baptised in the church on the 5th October. Perhaps emotions had cooled! Once again St Laurence's was left in a difficult position, without a full time organist to oversee the music. Walter Gibbs was possibly a short-term solution, though he stayed for some fifteen months, receiving payment from Christmas 1626 to March 1628. There is one final reference for him, though oddly in 1629/30, where we learn from the churchwardens' accounts that St Laurence's ‘payd Mr Gibbs the organist for pricking and penning fower [4] singing books - ten shillings'. This payment might have been retrospective, though it might also suggest that Mr Gibbs was around the town and occasionally played for services, as required.
Next time we meet our first real organ technician/repairer...

Readings for the Holy Communion, 7th June 2020
1st Reading: Isaiah 40. 12-17
2nd Reading: 2 Corinthians 13. 11-13
Gospel: Matthew 28.16-20
Psalm: 8

Please pray for the sick:
Mary Daniels, Jill Mason, Mary Gill, Hazel McCracken 

Please pray for the souls of the recently departed:
Deborah Smith, Roger Farmer, Rev. Francis Roland Lovett

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