This Week's Notices

Week beginning 29 March 2020

Update from Kelvin - On Sunday evening, technology permitting, Kelvin will be live-streaming a video message which will be available to watch on both St Laurence's and St John's websites,

Ludlow Tower Parish Magazine - The April issue of the Ludlow Tower parish magazine has not been printed but you can read it on the church website.

Helpline Voluntary Service - Chris Deaves, Hands Together Ludlow Trustee, has set up a dedicated phoneline for people in urgent need of getting food delivered to their homes. Please pass on the number 01584 817 250 so we can ensure as many self-isolating / housebound people in and around Ludlow are aware of this voluntary service. We hope to answer calls as follows: Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm; Saturday and Sunday 9am to 3pm. These times may change as the week progresses. We are anticipating people can pay stores direct and we will deliver paid for goods in the short-term. Looking ahead we understand people's needs will increase to non-food delivery & financial worries over payment. Hands Together Ludlow are working hard with a couple of other key people / organisations to address these issues. More info to follow on. Chris has also worked hard establishing a website where more information can be found at

Helping Your Neighbours - Hello Ludlow neighbours, I thought you might find this useful - The BBC's The One Show suggests we could print off this form, as a neighbour who is looking out for other neighbours d_green_card.pdf

If you would like to, place the GREEN card in your front window if you are OK. If you're not OK, for any reason, place the RED card so that fellow neighbours know that you require assistance.

Mill Street Pop Out - Hi Ludlow neighbours, the residents of Mill Street in Ludlow had been Popping Out at 5pm each evening to stand and chat (2 metres apart) to check everyone's OK. Now in light of the new guidelines of not having meetings of more than 2 people, they have been standing on their doorsteps and waving, checking on their near neighbours.

Food Bank Donations - While the church is closed items for donation to the food bank can be given in at One Stop (Post Office), One Stop East Hamlets, Spar in the Market Square and Tesco. The food bank is struggling to keep up with demand, so continued donations and support are specially necessary and appreciated at this time of crisis.

Music Notes by Michael Oakley Music Director - These are indeed strange times, requiring extraordinary measures to ensure that we are kept well and safe. Since my job was formally set up in 1492 and Thomas Sherman took his place at the organ there cannot have been many breaks in the daily and weekly schedule of services in our magnificent church. Over the next few weeks I plan to go on a journey, not a simple matter, but one of two aspects - the music and the people of St Laurence's.
The musical dimension will cover the sort of music that we would have been experiencing in our services over the next few months, echoing as it does the different parts of the liturgical year and how and what we should be looking for in what we hear. Of course the music is a key element of our worship, but then, over the centuries so too have been the musicians who have contributed to this great tradition.
Each week I hope to draw a little picture of our organist/directors of music here in Ludlow. I am the 52nd to hold the post, so am confident that I will not get through the whole list! There is mention of EDMUND WHITE playing the organ for the Palmers' Guild services in 1472, though he was probably a chaplain to the Guild, with some musical ability. And so to Thomas Sherman, our first official organist, who was appointed by the Palmers' Guild in 1492 with a salary of forty shillings per annum! In 1501 he was appointed ‘Master of the School', presumably the choir school that existed at the time. As can be the case, the dual responsibilities were too much, and Thomas threatened to resign, unless he was excused playing services in the church on ‘workdays'. Little more is known of him, although he was probably from a prominent local family, his father being Master of the Guild when he was appointed in 1492. It is also possible that he went on to read Music in Oxford in 1508. Music at this time might well have involved several singing clerics plus the singing boys from the choir school. In these pre-Reformationary times the sung services would probably have been the Eucharist and possibly Vespers or Compline. Additional services in the Chantry Chapels might also have been part of the annual schedule.
As we move from Lent into Holy Week our journey of faith is heightened by powerful images, profound events and intense music. At the Eucharist this Sunday the choir were due to be singing John Stainer's reflective ‘God so loved the world', taken from his Lenten piece 'The Crucifixion'. The opening music is very settling for the believer, with a beautifully flowing main theme supported by rich but not fussy harmonies.
Following the section entitled ‘The Mystery of the Divine Humiliation', this anthem provides a feeling of reassurance and hope. For example the text tells us that believers ‘shall not perish but have everlasting life', with an effective and slightly chilling accent on the word ‘perish', and again that ‘God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world'. If you want to hear a performance of this music, simply click on this link to You
Tube to hear the choir of St Paul's in
Next week things get a little more intense as we move from Lent into Holy Week. The music that we were planning to sing at these remarkable services would have provided a backdrop to the dramatic events of that week. More of this music next week... Michael Oakley.

Readings for the Holy Communion, 5th April
1st Reading: Isaiah 50.4-9a
2nd Reading: Philippians 2.5-11
Gospel: Matthew 26.14-end of 27
Psalm: 31.9-16

Please pray for the sick:
Maurice Blackburn, Mary Gill, Hazel McCracken 

Please pray for the souls of the recently departed:
Mabel Hornsby 

Please pray for those in need of pastoral prayer:

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