VAT on Church Building Alterations

VAT on Church Building Alterations

The Church of England has created an e-petition calling on the Chancellor to bring back zero rate VAT to alternations to the CofE's 12,500 listed churches. It follows the recent launch of a consultation by HM Revenue & Customs on VAT charging to approved alterations to listed buildings, which closes on 4 May 2012.

The e-petition can be signed online now at:

From Janet Gough Director, Cathedral and Church Buildings Division

The Bishop of London, Richard Chartres, the Second Church Estates Commissioner, Tony Baldry and the Chair of the Church Buildings Council, Anne Sloman have all written to the Chancellor of the Exchequer explaining our dismay at the serious impact the abolition of the VAT exemption on listed buildings will have on churches. We also think the most effective campaigning results from writing to your local MP with local examples. If it helps we have drafted a letter for you and parishes to amend and send to your local MP and/or the Chancellor.  A modified version of this letter pertinent to St Laurence's, Ludlow can be found on this the St Laurence's website. The part between the red brackets is the modified section. To access this to download and amend just click here. A copy of the original draft letter is on the Noticeboard on the Diocese of Hereford website - just click and find.

And for those of you who enjoy youtube you might like to see "The VAT Ditty"from Wakefield Cathedral, currently a building site, and their plea to the government. Further, there is now "VAT Ditty - The Sequel" with the George Osborne Sextet!